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Success Stories

I've used the Thrush Buster on my mare. It cleared up within 2-3 days with a twice a day application. Amazing and a great big bottle for the price! Having natural ingredients and eco friendly products  is important to me and this company ticks all the boxes.


The disinfection service is so good. I have a horse transport business and in times where there are worries about the spread of illnesses like strangles and influenza, the time it takes to disinfect my box between jobs is a constant pain. With one treatment from these guys every 4 weeks, I can relax, knowing my box is safe and bio secure, and get on with running my business and not stress about cleaning efffectively.


The silver gel is brilliant. I had used silver creams before but was always unappy with the marks and greasy residue it left. This leaves no marks or residue and works so much better than the creams i have tried before!


Testimonials: Testimonials
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