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Disinfect and Protect

A Better Way

Our disinfection and residual protection service helps give you the peace of mind that no bacterial or viral nasties are hanging around on any surfaces, waiting to land you with that next vet bill. 

It's a dry vapour application of silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide. As opposed to the majority of other disinfection methods on the market, which use wet disinfectants, the dry application means there are no worries around excess moisture being left to cause problems like mould or rot. The solution eradicates viral and bacterial nasties and then leaves behind charged particles of nano silver which cling to surfaces and are hostile to any incoming pathogens which may land on the surfaces.

It is tested and safe on all surfaces.

Silver stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide has been tested as effective against a host of equine diseases including:





Influenza A

Bio Security and Disinfection Treatments: Welcome
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