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M&S Bundle

M&S Bundle

SKU: 10004

Following many case studies from owners with M&S issues, the most successful way of combating the problem has been through a combination of the Aloe Gel and the Mud Magic: M&S Forumula.


The M&S Formula quickly removes scabs and flaky skin and the Gel helps soothe and calm the new skin and promote the regrowth of hair. Both products are powered by silver to accelerate healing while the M&S Forumula contains colloidal oatmeal which helps moisture retention, barrier creation and skin cell regeneration as well as being anti inflammatory.


Apply M&S Forumula daily until scabs disappear and then use the gel daily to keep the area hydrated, soothed and begin the process of hair regrowth. Both products are full of nano silver particles and so help the areas stay bacteria free. Should any scab flare ups occur, simply return to the M&S Forumula to clear them and then maintain with the gel once they've cleared again.  


Includes 1 x 500ml Mud Magic: M&S Forumla and 1 x 200ml Aloe, Seaweed and Silver Gel.


Please note that the products aren't suitable for horses with allergies to lanolin and not recommended for horses with oil sensitivity. We reccomend you patch test all new products before use.


For external use only


Caution advised for areas exposed to hot sun unless covered by a rug or similar.

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