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Mud fever

Mud Magic Silver Barrier Salve

All In One Product For The Treatment And Prevention Of Mud Fever And Scabby Legs.

Combining all natural ingredients and underpinned with the power of silver, we have created a barrier product that still allows the skin to breathe, hydrate and recover, whilst being tough on the causes of mud fever and scabby legs.

Simply apply by hand to the areas in need and watch how quickly it gets to work. Whether it's a daily application to soften and clear scabs or 2-3 times a week as a preventative, our big 1 litre pot goes a long way. Keeping your horse in tip top condition through the cold and wet winter months shouldn't break the bank and so we've managed to deliver this incredible product at only £24.99 for a litre! Once you've used it you'll never want to be without it. Make winter easier on yourself and your horse!

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Mud fever treatment
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Mud Magic on Mallenders

Mud Magic has proven time and time again to be incredibly effective on M&S. 

Whilst M&S can't be cured, the symptoms can be managed. The deep moisturising properties of Mud Magic, along with its ability to create a breathable barrier make it an ideal product to help in the ongoing battle with M&S. The silver running through the product also gives that antibacterial element to help your horse get back to being comfortable and happy.

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Aloe, Seaweed and Silver Gel

The Power of Silver - No waste - No Mess

Our silver gel  combines a host of natural ingredients, all chosen for their specific properties in helping manage wounds, cuts, scrapes, bites and more. Unlike the silver creams on the market, the gel absorbs completely, leaving behind no sticky or oily residues or marks of any kind. It can be applied directly onto wounds and the known benefits of silver get to work quickly and effectively. A little goes a long way, and at only £15.99 for 200ml, this is a must have for any tack locker or grooming bag!

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