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Silver Powered Handmade Natural Products

Inspired By Nature - Powered By Silver

Nature knows best

As owners of horses with sensitive skin, we struggled for years to find products that we could use that didn't irritate their skin, or that didn't contain harsh chemicals. We were constantly underwhelmed by products that promised the earth but delivered very little. In the end we decided to create our own.

Using only the highest grade natural ingredients and using silver for its many benefits, we have developed a range of products designed to make the day to day care for your horse both kind, gentle and powerfully effective.

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About Sellequine

How We Got Here

Between us, horses have been in our lives for over 20 years. With backgrounds in biomedical science and owning a specialist bio-security and disinfection company, we have used our extensive knowledge of pathogens to create products and services that are both powerfully antibacterial and kind to both the horse and the environment. 
From our little welsh who could find barbed wire in an empty field, our old boy who suffered with sweet itch and the skin problems that created, to our thoroughbred mare with sensitive skin, we have tried all sorts of available products and were never completely happy.
What we created has outperformed anything we have ever bought. We wouldn't sell you anything we wouldn't use ourselves.
Amber & Michael

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