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Itch-Relief Bundle

Itch-Relief Bundle

SKU: 10016

The Itch-Relief Bundle is the itchy horses must have tack room s.o.s kit! Bundle includes 1 x  500ml Itch-Relief Calm & Cool Spray and 1 x 500ml Itch-Relief Calm & Soothe Lotion. 


Use Itch-Relief Calm & Cool Spray as a daily preventative and on areas where skin is itchy but not broken. Itch-Relief Calm & Cool Spray is a calming blend of aloe vera and seaweed to soothe the skin, reduce inflammation and moisturise the skin with essential oils including bog myrtle to reduce and prevent itching by cooling irritated areas. 


If skin becomes broken use Itch-Relief Calm & Soothe Lotion to soothe and repair broken areas whilst reducing itching. Itch-Relief Calm & Soothe Lotion is a soothing blend of calamine, seaweed and kaolin to calm the skin and fight inflammation whilst reducing itching. With added colloidal oatmeal to promote skin repair and restoration, retain moisture and reduce irritation. 


Just like all of our other products both Itch-Relief products contain nano silver to promote healing whilst addressing any bacterial or fungal issues present on the skin to keep it as healthy and clean as possible. 


Although these products are ideal for use on sensitive horses as with all new products we recommend you do a patch test before applying. Suitable for use in hot summer months even on areas exposed to direct sunlight.

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